A technical package is a professional illustration with detailed measurements and construction details of your product. It is used by our manufacturing personnel as a guide to complete your pattern, sample and production with minimal errors.

Our technical packages contain:

  1. Construction Details
  2. Illustrative views from all angles (Top, bottom, side, inside, back & front)
  3. Measurements
  4. Materials list, including hardware & trims
  5. Material Placement
  6. Digital file so you can share your design easily via e-mail

Technical packages break through language barriers by providing visual communication of your products. In turn, it minimizes errors during the sampling process and allows our team to work faster and more accurately.

To get a quote for your technical package, please send over your designers sketch, pictures of similar prototypes or contact HEMMENS for more information.

Custom technical packages are priced on the complexity of the design and how long it will take to complete. Prices range from $250-$750.

Private Label: We have a database of new innovative designs based on popular trends. We create technical packages and keep them on hand until the design is sold. The private label packages are ready to customize with your company name and logo.


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